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Jiukai Emotion - E-commerce Dream -- Jiukai E-commerce seminar

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August 16, 2013, at Jiukai company’s Convention Center we held " Jiukai Emotion - E-commerce Dream" as the theme of E-commerce seminar, the seminar initiated by the Group Managing Director Liu Junbo,  specially invited Far Eastern University Dean Chen Guangsen for a speach.

Advanced e-commerce seminar to shape the team as the center, to the Far Eastern University to learn advanced E-commerce business sales model, and strive to build positive, with a strong spirit of learning e-commerce marketing team. In the lecture before the Chairman: "I hope we are able to hold the attitude of learning to listen carefully, E-commerce in the future combat theory with practice, to maximize efficiency."

Dean Chen lecture to dream as a key part of business electricity supplier describes how the team should put themselves in mind, based on the industry, interspersed with real success stories in theory, so that we have a new understanding E-commerce.

Group Chairman Liu Junbo's speech at the lecture

First of all very grateful to the leaders of the company to provide us with such a good learning platform, the E-commerce for just engaged us in this industry, the e-commerce for the concept is vague, there is no better seize the customer psychology , did not allow customers of our products are interested to know.


Far Eastern University Dean Chen Guangsen's speech at the lecture

But after listening to this lesson I've learned, not because of our ability to not work, but because of the way we wrong way, for a marketing personnel it is essential that it should have a good eloquence it! But at the same time have a good eloquence we need a clever, intelligent, innovative mind, everyone will speak first to go through the brain into the language, so everyone say right or wrong, people can easily accept, are from his brain.